Mode of transport and delivery

Mirsponde products travel with international couriers, the best transport services chosen to ensure maximum professionalism and speed of delivery.

Transport costs vary because they depend on the destination and quantity, weight and size of the goods.

Locations considered by the carrier to be disadvantaged may result in higher rates and longer delivery times than is usually expected.

Mirsponde is in any case at your disposal to let you know at any time the exact amount of these expenses if they are not already expressly quantified when ordering online.

There are two types of shipping: URGENT and ORDINARY

URGENT shipping provides for order fulfillment times within a few working days. If an item is temporarily unavailable in the warehouse and the customer needs a urgent delivery , a charge will be made as a contribution to the transport costs for recovery. of the material.

ORDINARY shipping, on the other hand, foresees longer processing times depending on the items purchased and / or the need for customized packaging.

Items usually travel without loss insurance. If the customer wants to insure the products purchased, he can select this service when ordering before completing the purchase.

The cost of insurance is 1% of the insured value, with a minimum of 5 € per shipment.

There is an excess of the following values ​​depending on the region:

  • 30% if the accident occurs in the regions of Lombardy, Lazio, Puglia, Calabria, Sicily.
  • 20% if the accident occurs in all other regions of Italy.

By way of example, if the insured value is € 1000 and the accident occurs in Veneto, liquid insurance is € 800, if the accident occurs in Lazio, liquid insurance is € 700

** Important **

The driver is required to unload the goods from the truck but NOT to transport the packages inside.

Even if the drivers are available to lend a hand, it is necessary that at the delivery there is always a person in charge to receive and handle the goods.

If the courier does not allow the opening of the packages and in case of damage to the packaging of the products, the transport document or accompanying invoice must be signed with "control reserve" and always sent by e-mail to the address .

Otherwise no exchanges or refunds will be made.

»It is imperative when sending the order to communicate any different destinations and indicate if the delivery area is somehow" disadvantaged "(particularly narrow streets, limited traffic areas, pedestrian areas, etc.).

No subsequent changes of destination will be accepted.

All changes not agreed with Mirsponde and the unjustified loss of time of the carriers will be quantified and charged on the invoice

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